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Dear Mommy,
You’ve given so much
Teaching and growing with me
You taught me how to treat a woman and the values a man should have.
A single mother
Pouring her entirety into her children
Giving up yourself so they may have what they need
The tears that ran down your face was not unseen
They were recorded in my mind
As a checkpoint in which I must surpass

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Fatherless Generation

Behind closed doors you hid in darkness
Like a scorned snake in and out the beds of multiple woman you slid
leaving your seed of evil behind
You took and took, not caring about those around you
Not fearing consequence you created children with a woman who wasn't your wife
My mothers sister...
Disgracing the family name and betraying all trust
Then you remove yourself from this world
As if you were the victim
You coward!
I can still feel the cold grasp of the curse you've left behind
A grip that tightens every moment I wake
You left this burden for me to bear
You left this curse for me to break
You left me...

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