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Obsessively Geek

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The inner geek screams when it comes to new technology so when George first heard about 3D printing and laser cutting he jumped head first into learning as much as he could about it. He then figured out a way to use his skills to tackle some tough topics such as prosthetic limbs and raising funds for children with cancer. Forming a partnership with his close friend Marco Nieves, they hope to make ground breaking advancements in the 3D printing and laser cutting realm. 

Obsessively Geek is a unique 3D and laser Printing hub here in the United States. Founded for Engineers, Students, Hobbyists, and Prosumers/Consumers who are looking for excellent 3D prototypes and laser prints. They use the latest 3D and laser printing technologies to bring you the world's finest everyday objects, running from American and European masterpieces to more contemporary works.

To learn more, check out the website here.